We are creating delicious meals in a safe environment. While the mask mandate has been lifted, we encourage you to wear a mask as you see fit. All of our workers wear gloves and masks, we deep clean frequently, our counter features a glass partition, our seating features partitions, allowing for social distancing and 50% capacity. Please do not enter if demonstrating any symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath. Many customers prefer our drive-thru window option or you can also utilize WAITR or Grubhub.  All of our carry-out boxes, bags, & recyclable containers are MADE IN THE USA. They are microwavable and compostable. 



Mama Baudo's Chow Bella is the newest restaurant from the Baudo's family.

With a rich heritage of over 54 years, the Italian recipes handed down through generations feature rich sauces, original pasta techniques, and home-made desserts. Delicious food!

Located at 429 Walker Road in Jackson, Tennessee (in Thomsen Farms), the restaurant features casual seating, on-line drive-through ordering, and eco-friendly beverages and packaging. Alcohol is not served, but BYOB wine is welcome with corkage fee. 

Our Mission & Employee Statement

To serve Italian-American cuisine with the passion, love, and dedication that

Mama Baudo herself once had done with fresh quality ingredients and no preservatives, encouraging our employees to share that passion for great food and service,

while giving back to our guests and our community.


I know people have different feelings on takeout food during these times. Last night I decided to purchase a pan of wild stuff mushroom ravioli from the recently opened Italian restaurant, Mama Baudo’s Chow Bella. It is owned by one of our Master Gardeners, Jack Baudo. He is also the chef.  So many are hurting in so many ways and I fear many small businesses will not survive.   If you decide to go through a drive-through or order takeout please choose a locally owned establishment and not a mega chain. By the way, Jack’s wild mushroom ravioli is divine. - Jason Reeves  

If you haven’t eaten’re missing out! - Paul Russell Reed
If you want the absolute BEST desserts in Jackson, go to Mama Baudo’s Chow Bella! - Gail Crestin
We are loving this place! Great job Jack! - Steve Roten
One of our new favorite eats! - Lisa Goodrum Parchman
OMG y’all! Gooooood stuff! - Tammy Edwards Roberson
OMG y’all! Gooooood stuff! - Victoria Abbott
I love that place!  - Brandon Jennings
If you’re even remotely near Jackson, Tennessee, make a point to eat here.
You’ll be glad you did. (And be sure to try the cheesecake!) - Bill Dabney
At Mama Baudo's Chowbella great Italian food. Looking at my friend Paul Pugh's daughter Ellie's amazing artwork on their wall!! - Dana Worley