Baudo’s Restaurant was started in 1965 by Helen and Buzz Baudo with the original name being B & H Pizza (Buzz & Helen) and it was located in the Hollywood Shopping Center with 24 seats available for customers. 


The business started as a Pizza Parlor and was the only place in West Tennessee to enjoy a hand-prepared, Chicago Style, Thin Crust Pizza. After 1 year in that location, Helen and Buzz purchased a building on Hollywood Drive and the business then became Baudo’s Restaurant.  There were 94 Seats total in that building. There were 2 different Dining Rooms. One was considered “casual” with booths and sturdy tables & chairs and lots of lighting and the other was “romantic” with candlelight, grape vines and a “Patio” seating look. Baudo’s added many pasta dishes and continued to serve pizza at this location. Parking was always an issue at this location and as the business grew, the decision was made by Buzz & Helen to purchase property on the 45 Bypass (the new growth area) and enlarge the dining area. So, in 1972 Baudo’s relocated to its next location at 559 Wiley Parker Rd off of the 45 Bypass with seating for 192 and remained there for the following 47 years. During that time, Baudo’s was the first restaurant to offer pizza, Italian cuisine and eventually, quality steaks, prime rib and seafood. Baudo’s was “the place” to take a date, enjoy family gatherings, have a business lunch or dinner, book private parties or just enjoy a delicious homemade meal in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. 


In the 70’s, the decision was made to add entertainment to the location on Wiley Parker and hence the Second Edition, Jackson’s first “disco” was introduced to West Tennessee in October 1977.  When “disco” died by 1982, the club was renamed “Mr. B’s” for a short period of time and featured top 40 dance music and live bands.  In the late 80’s, the club format and name changed again to South Street and became known as a 50’s and 60’s dance club.  In 1984 liquor by the drink was voted legal in Jackson and Baudo’s  became the first venue to obtain a liquor by the drink license and the first mixed drink was served in Jackson in a restaurant. Stand up comedy was introduced to West Tennessee in 1990 by the Baudo’s and South Street Lounge became known as South Street Comedy Club. 


In 2003, Helen and Buzz retired and sold the business to their oldest daughter, Sharon, who had been managing the business for them since 1996. 


On January 19,2019, the location at the 45 bypass was closed after the road construction that had already dragged on for 18 months and dropped business by 40% was still another year from completion. 


Jack Baudo opted to change the focus of the restaurant to a more casual and quick in and out format called Mama Baudo’s Chow Bella, which opened in 2019 in Thomsen Farms, at 429 Walker Road, Jackson, TN.